The recent pandemic has made life hard for a lot of people and more people are expected to fall into poverty according to the World Bank. This is expected to persist if lockdowns are still in place due to the COVID-19.

Thus this group of students decided to start an initiative known as ‘Kita Jaga Jiran Kita’. ‘Kita Jaga Jiran Kita’ means us taking care of our neighbours. Helping our neighbours means we could understand their situation better and raise awareness within our community about helping those who need help within the community. Additionally, the Movement Control Order set by the National Security Council
restricted movement between states making it hard for us to work other projects like those of our classmates.

The project commenced on the 9th of June 2020. The fundraising campaign was held on the 26th June 2020. The members of the group visited their relevant identified families on 3rd of July 2020 with their essential needs purchased using the monies received during fundraising.