BSc(Hons) Real Estate
Management &
Development 3+0

(R/341/6/0020) (03/23) (MQA/FA1972)


BSc (Hons) in Real Estate Management & Development 3+0 in Collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, UK

It's time to start your journey in real estate industry

Graduates of this programme are eligible for registration as Probationary Valuer/Estate Agent with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia (BOVAEP).

Objective: This program trains and equips the students for a career in the commercial real estate industry. Students are trained to develop the knowledge and skills to value, plan, develop the knowledge and skills to value, plan, develop, manage, acquire and dispose of real estate for property owners and investment clients. The students are developed with profound business knowledge and personal skills such as problem solving, IT and financial analysis which in future will enhance their employability.

3-year programme

The programme provides in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices involved in property valuation, property management, estate agency, land use planning and property development up to Bachelor’s degree level.

4-month professional internship

Business knowledge, personal skills, information technology and financial analytical skills help make the full employability of the graduates.

award from ljmu uk

This programme is only a private franchised 3+0 degree from Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom). The BSc (Hons) in Real Estate Management & Development is also accredited by Malaysia Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEP).

25 years in academic industry

IMPERIA continues to strive for excellence in our academic performance and delivery to ensure our graduates are employed upon the completion of their programmes.


  • STPM-with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or Grade C in two subjects.
  • Diploma in related field with a minimum CGPA of 2.00
  • UEC-5Bs (including Mathematics)
  • Pass A-level with full pass in atleast 2 subjects
  • Recognised Matriculation programme with minimum CGPA 2.00
  • For any other equivalent qualification  – email us at

Any ONE of the following English Language Requirements or its equivalent  to enter the programme:

  • MUET: Band 3
  • IELTS: 5.5
  • PTE: 42
  • SPM English: Credit
  • STPM English 914: Grade C
  • STPM English 920: Grade D
  • GCE ‘O’ Level : Credit
  • TOEFL: 520 (paper) / 190 (computer) / 68 (internet)

Year 1 or Direct Entry Year 2

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  • Introduction to Construction Technology
  • Construction and Property Economics
  • Property Market Project
  • English 1
  • English 2
  • Introduction to Law
  • Valuation
  • Introduction to Property Appraisal
  • Real Estate Agency Practice


  • Pathology & Inspection
  • Property Law
  • Applied Valuation
  • Real Estate Project
  • Planning & Development
  • Asset Management
  • Research Method
  • Land Economics
  • Principal Accounting


  • Advance Valuation
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Strategic Real Estate Management
  • Advance Real Estate project
  • Research Project
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Property Management
  • Statutory Valuation


MQA Compulsory subjects

  • Hubungan Etnik
  • Decision Making
  • Perlembagaan & Masyarakat Malaysia
  • Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia
  • Keterlibatan komuniti

**Modules are subjected to change without prior notice. Terms & conditions apply

Level 1

To understand the role and key stages of the professional involved in the real estate development process, as well as to understanding the interrelationships among these stages. Besides that, to develop and understand of legal interest in real estate, estate agencies, valuation theory and principles and apply valuation concepts and methodologies to the valuation of commercial, residential and industry properties. Besides that, at this level will gain a knowledge of principles and theory of property management including maintenance and managing in building. A part of that, student will be expose with an introduction to economic theories and principal reference to the built environment, property and society in general.

Level 2

To develop students’ knowledge and critical understanding of the development process in the built environment in term of law and policies, processes and procedures and its practical relationship with real estate. This level to provide the skills to analyze the financial feasibility of real estate investment opportunities. It provides a step-by-step approach for completing a financial feasibility analysis. Students will become more familiar with real estate market participants, valuation fundamentals, determinants of real estate returns, the impact of leverage on real estate investments, and interactions between the real estate space market and the capital market. In addition, the aim at this level is familiarize student with academic research process and the differing techniques, strategies and methods used to undertake research in the built environment. Lastly, student will undertake advanced building inspection through the systematic appraisal of building defects causing decay and deterioration, in order to propose remediation solutions for buildings and organizations.

Level 3

The aims of this level is to provide a contextualized awareness and understanding of the professional and ethical standards required in practice and evaluate the roles and responsibility of professionals within the property industry. Besides that, at this level student will acquire a knowledge and understanding valuation methodologies and their application in advanced valuation scenarios. Besides that, student will be introduce to the principal of investment and develop their knowledge and understanding of real estate as an investment vehicle within the market-place and to evaluate its performance against other investment options. It provides the opportunity to identify and analyse relevant market data and develop skills needed to advise on real estate investment decisions. Lastly, student to practice the knowledge gain from learning activities into reality of work through industrial training.

Career Options

  • Valuer
  • Property Manager
  • Estate Agent
  • Asset Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Property Auctioneer
  • Property Leasing Consultant
  • Corporate Real Estate Manager
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Real Estate Marketing Specialist


I choose IMPERIA it is recognized by the board and it offers a twinning program to UK where I can further my degree in UK or graduate in Malaysia with a UK cert. Besides, IMPERIA provide a very productive environment where they have lesser students compared to other college/uni. This enable us to confront the lecturer anytime and learn rapidly from time to time. Thanks to IMPERIA, I’ve gotten a clearer vision of what I’m pursuing.
Pee Wei Hao
Freedom of time was the key to my current career pathway. The reason I chose IMPERIA is because it is the only college that offers a foundation and degree program that will eventually qualify me to get a “Valuer” and an “Estate Agent” license with the exemption of the board’s external exam, because the Real Estate courses here are accredited by The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA).
Former Student
I heard about Real Estate Management in IMPERIA from my tuition teacher, there’s where I started to develop an interest in this field. Imperia is the only college that I know which provides accredited Real Estate Management programmes by the Board Of Valuer, Appraiser and Estate Agents (BOVAEA). Degree is the key to help me in my career pathway to become a valuer and an estate agent. Therefore, BSc (Hons) Real Estate Management & Development, 3+0 LJMU, UK Franchised programme.
Liong Hou Yi
Former Student
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