International Student Office (ISO)

The International Office Strives to Provide
The Best Support to International Students.

If you have any request, do contact us at the International
Office. Our team is most pleased to assist you at all times.
It is our aim to help you to achieve your career goals.
Whatever your choice of studies, we are here to guide you.

Our International Student Office caters to
international students’ needs. Key services
provided include:

Enrollment information for international students
Visa and immigration advisory assistance
           (Student pass applications and extensions)
Airport pick-ups for new students
Welfare (health insurance, counselling, etc.)
International student orientation
Issuance of documents needed (Banks, embassies, etc.)

Malaysian Immigration Procedures for International Students

Dear Student,

It is important that you inform us of your pending arrival as soon
as you have made a reservation or booking. We require you to
adhere to the dates given as the optimum time for you to arrive in
Malaysia. Our International Office personnel will be at the airport
to meet and greet you as well as to assist you in clearing customs
and immigration.
As an international student, you will ONLY be allowed into the
country if you carry a VALID calling visa. However, even if you do
have a valid calling visa, you will NOT be allowed into Malaysia
unless our personnel is there to escort you through the
immigration and customs stations. Therefore it is essential that
you inform us least a week earlier of your arrival details.
Should you have any problems or queries, please feel free to
contact us either by telephone, email or fax at the numbers /
addresses above.
If your contact details have changed or if you have been blessed
with a more convenient contact system (e.g; a mobile phone or
email), please let us know, as this will greatly assist us in
contacting you. If your flight details have been changed please
contact us as soon as possible so that we can make the
necessary arrangements.
Thank you and welcome!

Yours sincerely,

International Student Officer,
International College IMPERiA

Upon receiving your application for admission into International College IMPERiA, we will lodge an application on
your behalf with the Malaysian Immigration Department for a Calling Visa. This procedure usually takes three to
five weeks before an outcome is known. In order to apply for the Calling Visa, we need your complete:

1. Application form
2. Application fees payment
3. Eight (8) passport-sized photographs
4. Two (2) photocopied sets of your academic transcripts and Medical report.

When the application for your Calling Visa has been approved by Malaysian Immigration, we will notify you

You should then finalize your travel preparations. The tuition fees can be brought to Malaysia in the form of an
international demand draft made in favour of International College IMPERiA. You should make two sets of
photocopies of all your legal documents (passport, national identity card, driver’s license, birth certified) – leave
a set with your parent / guardian and carry a set with you to Malaysia. We also recommend that you bring with
you extra (approx. 10) passport – sized photographs.

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), an IMPERiA member of staff will meet you. It is
very important that you provide us with accurate arrival details at least one week in advance so that we can meet
you at the airport. In order for you to enter Malaysia, our representative MUST accompany you through the
Immigration Clearance process at KLIA.

During your first week in Malaysia, you will need to apply for the Student Pass / Entry Visa. We will assist you in this
procedure. When the passport is returned to you, please check your visa status (i.e. Type of visa that you are given).

Visa Types

Single Entry Visa:

Permitted to enter and then remain in Malaysia for the visa period specified. If you wish to go overseas or return to
your home country, you will need to apply for a re-entry permit to Malaysia at least two weeks in advance of your
departure date.

Multiple Entry Visa:

Permitted to enter Malaysia as many as you wish within the visa period specified. You are therefore able to travel
abroad and then return to Malaysia freely as long as your passport and visa remain valid


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