Construction Management

Graduates of this programme can seek active employment and exciting careers in the construction and property development industry. They can become better informed and more self-reliant entrepreneurs and future captains of industry in the ever-expanding field of construction, property development and project management. Career opportunities awaiting graduates in this field to offer their services as assistant project manager, assistant site manager and technical assistant are aplenty.

Estate Management

Graduates of this programme are adequately equipped with essential knowledge and skills which are applicable to a range of occupational and professional needs within the real estate industry. Career opportunities awaiting graduates in this field include:

• Probationary Estate Agent
• Probationary Valuer
• Property Manager

Quantity Surveying

 Graduates of this programme may be employed by Quantity Surveying consultancy firms,Construction companies and property development companies. They are able to carry out tendering processes, preparation of Bill of Quantities, cost controlling, valuing work done, preparation of progress payment and cost plans. They will embark on their career in the construction industry as  quantity surveyor o construction manager.

Occupational Safety & Health

 Safety & health officer (SHO) collects data on the safety and health conditions of the workplace. Technicians work with occupational health and safety specialists in conducting tests and measuring hazards to help preventing harm to workers, property, the environment, and the general public.

Work environment for Safety & Health officers (SHO) is in a variety of settings, such as offices, factories, mines and off-shores or on-shores. Their jobs often involve considerable fieldwork and travelling. The Oil and Gas industry rewards high salaries for graduates in this field