Fun Teaching & Learning

Fun Learning – Work-based

In a first year with ICH, students learn the subject and practice a hands-on skill in ICH industry ready facilities. Assignment, roles play, team building are some of the approach used to bring up the spirit of learning at ICH.

Come to second year, students are exposed with the work-based learning at which the lesson learnt from the classroom is being practice at the real world of hospitality either at hotel, resort or theme park; we bring the classroom to the industry.

Students who master the skills and able to articulate their creativity of their work skills and performance and complete their Diploma successfully will be offer a permanent employment with Bukit Gambang Resort City.

Study & Earn


Study and Earn!

ICH students are given an opportunity to work part time during their off day at Bukit Gambang Resort City or Sempurna Resort. While working, duty meals are provided. Student not only earning but at the same time experience the actual work in a hotel, theme park or resort thus will assist them in their study, knowledge and skills.

Student Services Unit


Our friendly staffs of Student Services Unit are ready to serve the needs of our students. The Student Services Department is responsible for handling matters pertaining to student welfare, counselling and career options for students.

Students are advised to approach the Student Services Department, Head of Departments or any qualified Counsellors with queries about career matters, academic programmes  or even personal problems.


A Programme Director and or a qualified counsellor is available to help you discover ways to cope with studies, stress, time management and personal concerns ranging from homesickness to relationship problems. Rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of each student will be respected.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Study loans, grants and other financial assistance are available for students during their course of study at the College. Students can obtain more information from the Student Services Department.

Extra-curricular Activities

The Extra-curricular Activities Department undertakes various student enrichment and personal development programmes. These include educational talks by prominent professionals, teambuilding programmes, etc.

The College regularly organises annual extra-curricular events for the students.

Recreation Facilities

The College provides student activity centres for students to relax and unwind. The centre is equipped with computer stations and facilities for games and other activities.

Resort Campus


The college situated in an environment of serenity and most conducive for a hospitality teaching and learning experience. The students are free to use the resort facilities (terms and conditions applied) such as free 24 hours access of WiFi, swimming pool and playing field. The concept “from industry to industry” really applies where students study, work part time and practical in a resort.

Student Body Council


ICH encourage students to join or participate in any activities organize by the Student Body Council or even participate as a member of the council. The formations of the Council enable the students to organize any activities in a proper manner.

Extra-curricular Activities

The Student Body Council can either organize its own activities or propose to the Student Services Department for any extra-curricular activities. The College regularly organises annual extra-curricular events for the students as well co-organise with the Council such as sport, games, team building etc.


In order to cater for the accommodation needs of outstation students, the Student Services Department provides its own on-campus accommodation in nearby College in the resort. These accommodations is provided at minimal fee to students with certain terms and conditions applied.


The College’s objectives for providing accommodation to its students are, among others:

1. To assist students in developing independent living skills in an atmosphere of challenge and support;
2. To provide students with a comfortable and conducive atmosphere that will complement their studies;
3. To instill in the students, a sense of individual responsibility for accepted standards of community living through respect for property and privacy.

Students staying at College accommodations are required to follow the published Accommodation Rules for Student Accommodation. Any student who violates the Accommodation Rules may have his/her tenancy agreement terminated.

Any student who has outstanding dues pertaining to College accommodation will be sent reminder letters to settle these dues, failing which the College reserves the right to evict the student concerned from the accommodation. In the case of students who have graduated from / terminated the course and still have outstanding College accommodation dues, the College reserves the right to withhold their certificates / diplomas until the outstanding dues are settled.

Maintenance of Lockers
Students are responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of lockers and are liable for compensation if the lockers are found to be damaged.
Students are advised against keeping their valuables in the lockers and the College will not be held responsible for any loss incurred. Should students breach any of the above rules, the management will not hesitate to bar students from using the lockers with immediate effect.

Student Feedback
ICH is committed to providing an environment conducive to learning and strive to be the best in the industry. Student feedback is taken seriously. College procedures for handling student feedback and complaints ensure confidentiality, impartiality, procedural fairness, protection from victimisation and prompt resolution. Students have several avenues to which feedback can be channelled.

On the academic side, students submit a course evaluation every semester in which they have the opportunity to assess each course and lecturer. The evaluations are summarized for each course and lecturer. The Head of Programme will review the analyses confidentially with each staff and discuss areas for improvement.

While at College, we appreciate that students may face difficulties other than that pertaining to academic matters. Should students face any administrative difficulties or would like to voice any grievance; they should raise the issue directly with the person concerned where possible, or with an appropriate person in the school or the administrative unit concerned.



The college accommodation is walking distance to the campus and college will arrange a transport for students who wanting to do a part time work during their off day with any hotel especially Bukit Gambang resort City arrange through Student Services Unit.