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WEEK DAYS:  08:30 – 17:30


Ground Floor, Block A
Arabian Bay Resort
Bukit Gambang Resort City
26300 Gambang
Pahang Darul Makmur
Pahang, Malaysia

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+609-548 8144

Fax: +609-549 4008

Why us?

  • Fun teaching & learning

    In a first year with ICH, students learn the subject and practice a hands-on skill in ICH industry ready facilities. Assignment, roles play, team building are some of the approach used to bring up the spirit of learning at ICH.

    Come to second year, students are exposed with the work-based learning at which the lesson learnt from the classroom is being practice at the real world of hospitality either at hotel, resort or theme park; we bring the classroom to the industry.

    Students who master the skills and able to articulate their creativity of their work skills and performance and complete their Diploma successfully will be offer a permanent employment with Bukit Gambang Resort City.

  • Study & Earn

    ICH students are given an opportunity to work part time during their off day at Bukit Gambang Resort City or Sempurna Resort. While working, duty meals are provided. Student not only earning but at the same time experience the actual work in a hotel, theme park or resort thus will assist them in their study, knowledge and skills.

  • Student Services Unit

    Our friendly staffs of Student Services Unit are ready to serve the needs of our students. The Student Services Department is responsible for handling matters pertaining to student welfare, counselling and career options for students.
    Students are advised to approach the Student Services Department, Head of Departments or any qualified Counsellors with queries about career matters, academic programmes or even personal problems.

  • Scholarships & Financial Assistance

    Study loans, grants and other financial assistance are available for students during their course of study at the Academy. Students can obtain more information from the Student Services Department.

  • Resort Campus

    The Academy situated in an environment of serenity and most conducive for a hospitality teaching and learning experience. The students are free to use the resort facilities (terms and conditions applied) such as free 24 hours access of WiFi or student rate at swimming pool or theme parks. The concept “from industry to industry” really applies where students study, work part time and practical in a resort.

  • Recreation Facilities

    The Academy provides student activity centres for students to relax and unwind. The centre is equipped with computer stations and facilities for games and other activities.

  • En Zulkifli, Muhamad Nizam’s father
    p1 copy“I found that it is so mesmerizing and fun learning here In IAT, the environment is so relax and friendly staffs. I’m so proud to cook and serve to my parents during our serving class…” Mohamad Nizam from Puchong, IAT student and President of IAT Student Body Council 2011 “To my disbelief, my son can actually cook and it taste as good as what I’d in a restaurant. Thank you IAT to realize my dream and my son’s.” - En Zulkifli, Muhamad Nizam’s father
  • EnYahaya
    p1 copy“I like it here, I learnt from a nice lecturers and able to do practical in a big modern kitchen just like in hotel. To my surprise my mom and dad love my cooking during our serving class. Thank you IAT…” Nurul Nayana, IAT student and V.President of IAT Student Body Council 2011. I never thought my daughter cook, it is so pleased to see her so well mannered and professional in what she is doing. She will definitely have to cook at home…” -EnYahaya, Yana’s father

Imeria College Of Hospitality

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Our Programmes

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Theme Park & Attractions Management
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Resort Management

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ICH Office of International Student is a centre to serve the needs and assist international students in settling down to tertiary education at ICH and adjusting life in Malaysia.

Accreditation & Award

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The education and training you are about to undergo at ICH will give you a head start in the fast growing hospitality and tourism industry by moulding you into a competent and skilled professional.

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