3 July 2020

Kita Jaga Jiran Kita

The recent pandemic has made life hard for a lot of people and more people are expected to fall into poverty according to the World Bank. This is expected to persist if lockdowns are still in place due to the COVID-19.

Thus this group of students decided to start an initiative known as ‘Kita Jaga Jiran Kita’. ‘Kita Jaga Jiran Kita’ means us taking care of our neighbours. Helping our neighbours means we could understand their situation better and raise awareness within our community about helping those who need help within the community. Additionally, the Movement Control Order set by the National Security Council
restricted movement between states making it hard for us to work other projects like those of our classmates.

The project commenced on the 9th of June 2020. The fundraising campaign was held on the 26th June 2020. The members of the group visited their relevant identified families on 3rd of July 2020 with their essential needs purchased using the monies received during fundraising.

27 June 2020

Kitchen Angels Activity Day

A group named “Kitchen Angels” that consist of a group of 14 students from IMPERIA College, Subang Jaya organised a volunteering activity on 27th June 2020 (Saturday). They used the name “Kitchen” as referring to a place to provide food and “Angels” referring to good deeds. 

Kitchen Angels collaborated with SESO Malaysia, which is a non-profit enterprise that combats food waste and food poverty. Hence, with this collaboration Kitchen Angels Team managed to feed and deliver supplies to the following old folk’s homes and orphanages: 

1. Stepping Stone Living Centre, Kuala Lumpur

2. Rumah Hope Children’s Home, Petaling Jaya

3. Trinity Children’s Home, Petaling Jaya

4. PJ Caring Home, Petaling Jaya

5. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Kenang Budi, Petaling Jaya

In conclusion, Kitchen Angels managed to assist SESO Malaysia in the packing and, distribution of essential supplies and food
to the underprivileged, assist SESO Malaysia in cleaning up of the premises
and raise funds for SESO Malaysia.



26 June 2020

Kebun Kita

  1. To provide a clean recreational space/garden as an effort to reduce pest within the residential area of SS20
  2. To provide assistance and support to the garden in need of renovation such as cleaning and planting the garden.
  3. To increase the well-being and health of Taman SS20 residents by providing urban green space. 


15 July 2019


  1. To help out the orphanage to spread positive mind-set and loving environment
  2. To promote basic health and safety awareness
  3. Fundraising for the orphanage
28 July 2019


  1. To increase the presence of the community library to the public by fund raising activity and social media establishments.
  2. To plan and execute a range of fun activities.
  3. To support the operation cost of the community library by giving money donation.
20 July 2019


  1. To spread awareness of the effects of dengue to members of the orphanage homes.
  2. To promote basic health and safety awareness to the orphans because by providing them the knowledge to protect themselves.



Charity Project

Sai Pandian Orphanage Care Centre, Setia Alam

26 July 2018

Rumah Juara Orphanage

Cleaning and painting activities were conducted at this home. Other than day, donations in terms of money and food were also contributed.

30 July 2018


This particular group decided to help animals which are in needs. Hence, the visit to Paws Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). PAWS is a non-profit animal shelter in Petaling Jaya.

This group has made the decision to do their part in contributing back to society, by paying a visit to those less unfortunate dogs and cats at PAWS.  

Animal shelters like PAWS care for animals needing protection, attempt to find homes for homeless animals, and reunite lost pets with their owners. PAWS frequently receive animals surrendered by owners that can no longer care for them, animals that have been rescued from abuse and simple abandonment.

The objectives are:

  • Create awareness – By designing posters
  • Walk the dogs – 9 dogs
  • Bath the animals – 3 dogs, 3 cats
  • Groom the animals – 9 dogs, 9 cats
  • Clean the surrounding of PAWS
28 July 2018

Volunteering at cherish life Animal Shelter

A group of students volunteered and conducted a donation campaign in order to provide the animal shelter with as many possible ways to improve and clean-up the place. The following activities were conducted:

  • Bathe & Clean the dogs
  • Feed the dogs
  • Clean the shelter (Mop, Sweep & Wash Kennel)
  • Outdoor Cleaning (Cut grass & Clean dog pool)
  • Play with dogs
  • Donation hand over


9 July 2018

Morib Beach Cleaning

The Beaches went to Morib for beach cleaning and spent roughly 2-3 hours collecting trash off a local beach. Tiny bits of plastic were the most common items found. Litter from food & drinks made up of at least 20% of the rubbish picked up. Rubbish was weighed at the end and dispose at nearby disposable trash area.


13 July 2018

Zoo Negara Malaysia - Zoo Volunteer

Zootopia has carried out and fulfilled all the activity according to the schedule in term on volunteering for wildlife conservation at Zoo Negara.

Activities involved includes:

  • Deep cleaning of the enclosures
  • Deep cleaning of cages for animals
  • Assisting zookeepers in providing daily care for animals
  • Cleaning tourist trails, rooms, public area
14 July 2018

Tzu Ji Foundation

Tzu Chi Foundation is volunteer-based, spiritual and welfare organization. It focuses on giving material aid and inspiring love and humanity in both the givers and receivers. 8 of our students volunteered recycling activity under this foundation at USJ Recycling Center. The activity was conducted on 14 July 2018. They classified the rubbish into different categories such as paper, glass, aluminium, plastic and many more for recycling purpose. They have successfully completed this project by providing manpower to Tzu Chi Foundation to recycle wastes for the benefit of the environment and all living things on earth.

23 July 2018

Visit to Victory of Children and Youth Home

  • Approximately 25 male orphans live in Rumah Victory Children & Youth
  • Majority of them are currently a secondary school student which aged between 13 to 18 years old
  • Activities : Clean up the house, assist with homework, playing basketball and games, palm painting session.
27 July 2018

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Pusat Jagaan Lotus Malaysia

Shelter, a registered welfare organization, has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned and neglected children.

This home was chosen for community service to help to cheer up the unfortunate children. Alot of fun activities were carried out to make the children happy. Other than that, donations were also collected and distributed to this center. 

13 July 2018

The Pure Life Society

The Pure Life Society was established as a spiritual Haven where children from different cultural and religious backgrounds can grow up expressing their own faiths with freedom. 

Our students provided voluntary work of minor refurbishments and cleaning of parts of the building as a form of contribution to the society. Some part of this home were given new coat of paint. 

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