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Soo Ping Chuen

I am a Mechatronics Engineer working as a Mechanical Design Engineer for SONY Penang Tech. In order to deal with design and manufacturing issues daily, I need to possess Critical Thinking Skill. This skill is so useful when one wishes to analyze, develop and execute new applications in science and technology. Why then I choose to take up Real Estate Management degree programme now for the change of my career? I choose real estate management so as to qualify as a Registered Valuer / Estate Agent for my new career path is because I like freedom in my working life. As a professional valuer, property manager and estate agent, I can then plan for my own working schedule as well as for my vacation plan too. For your information, working as a Mechanical Design Engineer, I have to work for almost 10 hours per day to keep up the tide work schedule, which is planned by my immediate superior. After promotion, my responsibility and work load will be even greater. Furthermore, the real estate management field has unlimited room of growth. As the years go by, I am not only able to employ real estate negotiators to serve under my line but at the same time provide a better job opportunity to those who want to earn extra income and get more freedom at work. Nevertheless, I am also interested in property management. By dealing in real estate management field, it guides me to invest in property smartly. I would not have much spare time and opportunity to search for my dream house if I am on other full time job. Involving in this real estate career, I can always survey the market properly and secure a much better chance of getting great deals. My brother is also studying in IMPERIA, taking Diploma in Quantity Surveying. It was through him that I learned of this real estate management degree programme which will qualify me in getting licenses for “Valuer” and “Estate Agent”, as it is duly accredited by The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA).